Bunsen (bunsen_h) wrote,

My Worldcon programming schedule

The items I'm currently scheduled to be on:

When: Thu 13:00
Location:  P-519
Title:  Two Concerts:  Kushner & Polowin

Session ID: 943
All Participants: David M. Kushner, Joel Polowin
Moderator: <Not Available>
Description: Two concerts 45 minutes each
1. David Kushner
2. Joel Polowin
Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Filk

Huh. Well, I told Judith I'd be willing to do something like a half-hour concert; this gives me about 3/4 hour. I've got a couple of new songs. I can go through my collection. Any suggestions or requests?

When: Fri 19:00
Location:  P-510B
Title:  Make a Pig-Puppet

Session ID: 293
All Participants: Dawn McKechnie, Kevin Roche, Joel Polowin
Moderator: Dawn McKechnie
Description: In Neil Gaiman's story Wolves in the Walls, the protagonist's best friend is her Pig-Puppet. We'll make our own sock-puppet friends while listening to the story.
Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Kids Programming

Huh. Well, I've done a sock puppet before. I've done other puppety things, one of which I'll be bringing to the "Making Light" party immediately after this panel session. It does seem a rather odd thread to hang a panel from.

But... Kids programming. That's kind of a surprise. Well, I'll try not to scare them if they don't scare me.
When: Sat 20:30
Location:  D-Versailles
Title:  Open Filk on Saturday

Session ID: 794
All Participants: Joel Polowin
Moderator: Yourself
Description: Be a filker of the night. All welcome.
Duration: 4:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Filk

Moderating an open filk session. That doesn't seem too bad. Unless the "all paricipants" really does turn out to be just me; that would be bad.
When: Sun 10:00
Location:  P-518A
Title:  Realism in Science Fiction

Session ID: 547
All Participants: Chris Howard, kyle cassidy, Pascale Raud, Fernandes, Joel Polowin, Tobias Buckell
Moderator: Pascale Raud
Description: A lot of near-future SF novels duck the problems we read about in the news - climate change or energy shortage - in favour of problems which look more solveable. We all know that SF shouldn't be pure prediction, but how much of a duty does it have to be based on realistic assumptions?
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Literature in English

Uh. I question some of the premises of the question.
When: Mon 12:00
Location:  P-519
Title:  Songwriting Workshop

Session ID: 479
All Participants: David Weingart, Seanan McGuire, Joel Polowin
Moderator: Seanan McGuire
Description: A discussion of multiple approaches to songwriting.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Filk

Multiple approaches, right. It's not like I have a well-defined process. But it should be interesting.


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