Bunsen (bunsen_h) wrote,


On his Everything Possible - Fred Small in Concert recording, Small attributes to Tom Paxton: "Tom Paxton said it best. Some folks you don't have to satirize; you just quote 'em." (I've asked both Small and Paxton about this quotation. Paxton doesn't recall having said such a thing, nor does Small remember the circumstances.)

But in my experience, some people and positions are very difficult to satirize... or at least very frustrating. Because what I regard as grotesque, ridiculous exaggeration, some of their supporters take to be enthusiastic agreement. And then those supporters take things even farther. My most bizarre imaginings don't — can't — go as far as what some people take to be absolute truth.

And, of course, I don't want to be perceived as being on their side.

Tags: epigram
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