Bunsen (bunsen_h) wrote,

Story idea

Plot concept: random people, perhaps one in a thousand, suddenly acquire a moderate superpower, such as running-pace flight or throw-a-car-a-few-meters super strength, which fades away after a year or so. Result: a lot of criminal gangs which have a lot of turnover as well as mutual conflict.

I spent too much time early this morning, on the edge of sleep, alternating between pondering the implications and seeing them play out in a dream. My role was a guy who had managed to piss off a few of those gangs by declining their "invitations" to join, but who had a "superpower" of extraordinary luck which managed to let him not be hit -- just barely -- by various "accidents" and explicit murder attempts. For a bit more than a year, which meant that that luck was overdue for going away. And everybody knew it. "Don't worry about it, we'll get him next time."

My subconscious is not a happy person.

Tags: dreams, stories
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